Bulldog Sports Picks wants to be your most trusted and accurate source for analyzing and selecting winners of sporting events. After many years of dealing with handicapping services that some would call bogus and fraudulent, we believe that we have the solution to WINNING.


The best handicappers in any sport are successful on only 62-65% of their picks when picking all the games.

Because of the percentage collected by most sportsbooks, you must be successful on 52.5% of your picks in order to break even.


We only want to give out games that we believe have a crystal clear advantage to win.

Bulldog Sports Picks has access to what we believe are the best handicappers on the web and handicappers that actually win 60% of the time.

Our handicappers use a wide variety of methods for processing a game, some on stats alone, some on cherry picking a small number of teams, some that have continued to win because they know what they are doing.

No ads on our site, i.e. NO conflicts of interest!

We may only give out 3-4 college or NFL games a weekend or less if we really don’t have solid confidence of a win.

Some nights there will not be a pick if we are not confidant of a win.

We do not sell, share, or trade your email address or personal information to anyone, period.


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